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Prize winning Baluchori artist Mr Amitava Pal shares his views on the dying art of Baluchori.

Please join us in this effort towards making the lives of our talented artists better.
Your patronage will go a long way in providing the dignity and economic well-being that these people deserve.
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Our tradition Our heritage is at stake. Bishnupur, the seat of the richest art forms of Bengal is witnessing the onslaught of a shrinking market . It is incumbent on us to save such treasure troves as Baluchori, Dokra, Terracotta etc.
It takes anywhere between five to fifteen days to weave a Baluchori Sari.
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Most popular items
Item Number : 2052
Price :   6850
Turquoise Green Swarnachari
 Item No: 2052: Turquoise Green Swarnachari.

Intricate Swarnachari work on a unqiue blend of Green

Item Number : 1024
Price :   2182
Swarnachari on Black
 Item No: 1024: Swarnachari on Black.

The spectacular depiction of Mira Bai's love for Krishna is this rich multi-colored Zari work Sari is a priceless piece of art. A feast for the eyes; Sure to invite envious looks .

Item Number : 1001
Price :   8450
Tribal Dance Swarnachari
 Item No: 1001: Tribal Dance Swarnachari.

A unique piece of work on black brocade - a mesmerizing swarnachari with fine thread work. If elegance were to be personified, this is it. The intricate golden zari work in soaring pyramids throughout the body is a masterpiece from Amitava Pal. Its rich Anchal or Pallu depicts a Santhal couple dancing to the tunes of the Madal, immersed in a timeless embrace of romance through the music of Rarh Bengal.

Item Number : 4009
Price :   8300
Class, redefined
 Item No: 4009: Class, redefined.

In this Katki gharana Swarnachari, the two distintictive styles of craftsmanship, form an exceptional union to produce this soft and elegant piece

Item Number : 1029
Price :   8150
Lilac Swarnachari in Mira Bai theme
 Item No: 1029: Lilac Swarnachari in Mira Bai theme.

Amitabha Pal's creation, needs little description. One can just see and wonder at this gorgeous riot of intricate Zari work, hand-made one strand at a time. Depicting Mira Bai's undying love for Krishna, this piece exudes the subtlety of color with the exuberance of romance.

Item Number : 1028
Price :   8150
Green Swarnachori
 Item No: 1028: Green Swarnachori.

Green Swarnachori

Item Number : 1020
Price :   7803
Blues Clues
 Item No: 1020: Blues Clues.

Blues Clues

Item Number : 3002
Price :   7725
Blue Swarnachari with Black Pallyu
 Item No: 3002: Blue Swarnachari with Black Pallyu.

Blue Swarnachori with a black intricately designed Pallu. Glamour and Gorgeousness together

Item Number : 2051
Price :   6010
Pink Baluchori
 Item No: 2051: Pink Baluchori.

Depicts the eternal saga of love through a wedding ceremony

Item Number : 4007
Price :   7725
Subtle and glamorous
 Item No: 4007: Subtle and glamorous.

The subdued base and the spectacular art all over the Sari and its Pallu, gives this piece a unique appearance

Item Number : 4008
Price :   7725
Blue Swarnachari
 Item No: 4008: Blue Swarnachari.

An elegant piece with intricate work on the Pallu and Kuchi

Item Number : 3006
Price :   7380
Cobined Baluchori and Swarnachori on Green and Black
 Item No: 3006: Cobined Baluchori and Swarnachori on Green and Black.

A rare Gem. This has a swarnachari body, in a base of dark green and a Baluchori Pallu in a base of black. Ideal party wear.

Item Number : 3003
Price :   6920
Blue and Black Katki Swarnachari
 Item No: 3003: Blue and Black Katki Swarnachari.

A rare combination of Blue and Black Katki with a pyramidal zari. Glamourous and Gorgeus.

Item Number : 3018
Price :   6690
Yellow Base Royal Kantha Stitch
 Item No: 3018: Yellow Base Royal Kantha Stitch.

A rare gem on Bishnupuri Kantha Stitch.

Item Number : 4006
Price :   6690
The Purple Riot
 Item No: 4006: The Purple Riot.

A vibrant Swarnachori piece on Purple. See it to believe it - a master piece of its kind

Item Number : 4005
Price :   6115
Elegant Swarnachori on Light Green
 Item No: 4005: Elegant Swarnachori on Light Green.

This piece has an unique base color; a light green that lifts your spirits and provides the sparkle to turn heads

Item Number : 3012
Price :   5885
Classic Elegant white and pink
 Item No: 3012: Classic Elegant white and pink.

A Classic off-white elegant piece, soft-glow with intricate baluchori work on the pallu in soft pink and gold

Item Number : 3019
Price :   5655
Elegance in Kantha Stitch
 Item No: 3019: Elegance in Kantha Stitch.

If you are looking for a genuine elegant Bishnupuri silk with ethnic intricate kantha stitch work, your search ends here. The off-white base lends an unique style, personalizing tradition and class.

Item Number : 3013
Price :   5540
Danseuse in Blue
 Item No: 3013: Danseuse in Blue.

Enjoy Jodha Akbar's love in an electric blue authentic Swarnachari

Item Number : 1008
Price :   5508
Turquoise Fragrance
 Item No: 1008: Turquoise Fragrance.

The immortal love story of Lord Krishna and Radha, comes alive in the Anchal of this Baluchori. The rich turquoise base gives this piece of art a gorgeous flair, while the traditional Pallu takes you to an era of divine romance.

Item Number : 3007
Price :   5310
White and Red Tradional Elegance
 Item No: 3007: White and Red Tradional Elegance.

An elegant traditional baluchori piece. The classical soft Bishnupuri silk on an off-white base, with intricate Baluchori work on the Pallu.

Item Number : 3010
Price :   5310
Soft Green Baluchori
 Item No: 3010: Soft Green Baluchori.

Elegant Soft Green Base. Baluchori on Bishnupur's soft silk

Item Number : 3011
Price :   5310
Traditional white base Baluchori
 Item No: 3011: Traditional white base Baluchori.

Bring out the traditional Indian in yourself with this elegant, soft yet simple piece. An off-white base, with light green baluchori Pallu

Item Number : 3021
Price :   5080
Rajasthani design on Bishnupuri Kantha Stitch
 Item No: 3021: Rajasthani design on Bishnupuri Kantha Stitch.

Enjoy this unique combination of traditional Rajasthani design on a Bishnupuri Silk Kantha Stitch.

Item Number : 3014
Price :   4333
KrishnArjun in traditional Bengali Yellow
 Item No: 3014: KrishnArjun in traditional Bengali Yellow.

Lord Krishna's instructions to Arjun in traditional Bengali Yellow baluchari.

Item Number : 3020
Price :   4275
Black Beauty in Kantha
 Item No: 3020: Black Beauty in Kantha.

A gorgeous piece in black Bishnupuri Silk, with white and touches of pink in its intricate ethnic kantha stitch design

Item Number : 3023
Price :   4160
Baluchori Kantha Stitch on Purple
 Item No: 3023: Baluchori Kantha Stitch on Purple.

A purple Kantha stitched piece on traditional Bishnupur Silk

Item Number : 3022
Price :   3930
Kantha Stitch on White Silk
 Item No: 3022: Kantha Stitch on White Silk.

Kantha Stitch on White Bishnupuri Silk

Item Number : 3016
Price :   3010
Kantha Stich on Bishnupuri Silk
 Item No: 3016: Kantha Stich on Bishnupuri Silk.

Multiple Colors available on Ethnic Kantha Stich Bishnupuri pieces. Minor changes in design may occur on the body.

Item Number : 1003
Price :   2105
Golden Dance
 Item No: 1003: Golden Dance.

Dance remains one of the purest expression of art. When the expression of dance meets the loving hands of an artist of the calibre of Amitava Pal, a dream is born. This extravagant piece in full Zari is the result.

Item Number : 4004
Price :   1975
Kantha Stitch on Southern Silk
 Item No: 4004: Kantha Stitch on Southern Silk.

Subtle Yellow base (combination) with traditional baluchori design on kantha stitch

Item Number : 4003
Price :   1975
Yellow Based South Silk Kantha Stitch
 Item No: 4003: Yellow Based South Silk Kantha Stitch.

Traditional baluchori design on Souther Silk in Kantha Stitch. Yellow base

Item Number : 4002
Price :   1975
South Silk Kantha Stitch
 Item No: 4002: South Silk Kantha Stitch.

Traditional Baluchori Design on Southern Silk in Kantha Stitch

Item Number : 4001
Price :   1975
Kantha Stitch on South Silk on blue base
 Item No: 4001: Kantha Stitch on South Silk on blue base.

Traditional Baluchori design Kantha stitched to a South Silk piece on blue

Item Number : 5008
Price :   8500
Conch Shell sculpture
 Item No: 5008: Conch Shell sculpture.

Radha and Krishna finely sculpted on a Conch shell

Item Number : 50014
Price :   6545
Goddess Saraswati 15" in thick metal
 Item No: 50014: Goddess Saraswati 15

Cast Bronze statuette of Goddess Saraswati 15" in thick metal

Item Number : 50015
Price :   3808
Goddess Saraswati 15" in thin metal
 Item No: 50015: Goddess Saraswati 15

Cast Bronze statuette of Goddess Saraswati 15" in thin metal

Item Number : 50021
Price :   3570
Durga Mata and her children in an arc
 Item No: 50021: Durga Mata and her children in an arc.

Cast Bronze statuette of Durga Mata and her children in an arc 12" X 9"

Item Number : 5003
Price :   2142
Lord Ganesh
 Item No: 5003: Lord Ganesh.

Cast Bronze statuette of Lord Ganesh. The exquisite design of Lord Ganesh's dress is a spectacular display of high skill and concentrated hard work

Item Number : 5006
Price :   2142
Maharajah on Elephant
 Item No: 5006: Maharajah on Elephant.

Cast Bronze statuette of Maharajah traveling on an elephant

Item Number : 50011
Price :   1911
Durga Mata and her family 8"X6.5"
 Item No: 50011: Durga Mata and her family 8

Cast Bronze statuette of Durga Mata and her family on a single cast bronze base

Item Number : 50023
Price :   1904
Durga Mata and her Children in Arc
 Item No: 50023: Durga Mata and her Children in Arc.

Durga Mata and her Children in an Arc (8" X 6.5")

Item Number : 5005
Price :   772
Jai Bajrangbali
 Item No: 5005: Jai Bajrangbali.

Cast Bronze statuette of Bajrangbali Hanuman

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